Scraping By: Part 3 (Serial Flash Fiction)


Will’s eyes darted to the gift shop where Tish was straightening a few hanging t-shirts. “What won’t I like?”

Stephen blew on his tea and took a few steps backwards. “I’ve got to go. A school group’s coming through in ten minutes.”

Stephen was in charge of charming teachers and introducing the school kids to the museum. They would take a short walk along the waterfront, explore the exhibits of the grand room on the first floor, visit more exhibits in a series of rooms on the second floor, and make a craft with Will and Angie. The tours always ended in a side room downstairs where the children could build a boat on computers or play with a working model of a canal with locks. Tish ran the gift shop.

Will’s phone rang as he hung his jacket on a hook in the staff room. He checked the number. Frank. He’d call him back when he had a hot date. Tish giggled in the gift shop and Will smiled. The morning was about to take a turn for the better.

Tish stood behind the register in all of her blonde perky glory. Young, voluptuous, and a smart dresser, Will’s mother would have described Tish as having champagne taste. Will had a beer budget, but if he had a week or two to save up, he could afford to give Tish a champagne evening. Will pretended to straighten the pens for sale on the counter and cleared his throat.

DSC02305“Good morning, Tish.”


“Did I tell you I got a new car this week? It’s a Jaguar. Maybe I could-.”

“Nice.” Tish squinted through the shop window at the waterfront. “Did you see the LaFerrari?”

Will didn’t bother nodding; Tish’s attention was already off him. She waved a perfectly manicured hand at someone behind him and grinned. “Angie! Come here! Did you see him?”

Angie had been hired a week ago and Tish was clearly thrilled to have another woman working at the museum. Angie was thirty something and almost pretty. She had slumped shoulders and wore thick glasses and baggy sweaters, yet her black stretch pants showed well muscled legs and her dark hair was never out of place. It was like she was trying to hide her disciplined nature behind a polite, slightly sloppy facade. Angie greeted Will and leaned against the counter.

“Of course I saw him; I showed him the pulley display.”

“Saw who?” Will asked. “The guy in the suit?” He couldn’t imagine Tish getting so dreamy eyed over the middle aged tourist. It was odd, though. Owners of Ferraris didn’t make a habit of stopping by Waterway Museums to look at pulleys for ten minutes. Of course, Ferrari owners didn’t make a habit of visiting Gloucester, period.

“His name is James,” Tish giggled. “He’s stopping by after work to take me to dinner.”

“That’s great, Tish,” Angie smiled. “Will, is that you beeping?”

Will’s hand went to the trilling phone in his pocket and he excused himself. He was about to check the message when he remembered the tourist waiting for his tour. Will rushed past the pulley display and stopped when he had a clear view of the cartography exhibit across the room. It was empty. He quickly searched the first floor, but to no avail. For the second time that day, the tourist had disappeared.


Part 1, Part 2

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