Escape Short Story Contest – Vote for Your Favorite!

rm-short-story-promoThe Realm Makers “Escape” Short Story Contest has chosen its finalists and I’m one of them! Voting is now open for the Readers Choice winner. If you’d like a taste of some great speculative short stories, head to their website You can read the first part of each story and vote for your favorite.

Finalists will have their stories published in an anthology. Can I just say this is the best return-on-investment contest I’ve seen to date? Yes, of course I wouldn’t mind winning one of the contests where the prize is hundreds of dollars and a book contract, but in those cases there is only one winner. In the Realm Makers contest, all finalists will be published. As an author just getting started, I’d say that’s one heck of consolation prize!

Happy reading and thank you for voting!


2 thoughts on “Escape Short Story Contest – Vote for Your Favorite!

  1. Congratulations, Katie! That’s great news and I look forward to reading your story. Good luck! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you – but as you say, it’s nice to be in the anthology anyway.

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