How Not To Write: in Romance

If you want me to abandon your book mid-read, please have nothing happen.

bored coupleHave you ever read a novel that would have made a good short story or novella, but instead was fluffed out to make it “book length”?  I have. (Of course I have – I’m the one ranting about it.)  It was a sweet 50 page love story that had been stretched to 150 pages.  The author only gave us two or three conversations between the main characters, but she told us what they ate for EVERY meal.  It was like a chocolate bar with twenty extra wrappers. The nugget of chocolate was good, but by the time you got to it, you didn’t care anymore.

excited-writerRomance novels need just as much plot as other novels.  They need to do more than like each other, do nothing, and end up together at the end.  If you’re on page 100 of a 200 page novel, and there’s no reason for your couple not to be together, either add 100 more pages worth of plot to keep them apart (for real reasons, please, not dumb ones) or end it and make it a novella. If you must tell me about their food, include a recipe and a scratch and sniff sticker.

Images courtesy of: (bored couple), (excited writer)


3 thoughts on “How Not To Write: in Romance

    • Yep, I did. I posted this, then thought “Gee, I should go back to my file of rants on bad writing and make a note that I used this one…only to discover that I had used it already. Oops. It is now noted twice.

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