Kyler, The Monk In Training

History ChannelI’ve lived here as long as I can remember.  It doesn’t look like much, I know, but monasteries aren’t known for their decor.  I’m the only one my age here; it gets lonely at times, but I keep busy with the gardens and the animals and my studies with my mentor, Brother Iman.

Once a month I go to the seaside town of Nain for supplies.  I always feel a little out of place in town, but it’s my favorite place to be.  Why out of place?  Well, you’ve seen my grey tunic and pale skin, my shaved head.  Compared to their colorful clothing and natural tans, I look like the unfinished corner of a painting.  I have a friend in town, Mina.  No one seems to pay her much attention there, but I think she’s wonderful.

You’ll have to excuse me for a minute.  Brother Iman is calling for me.  I’m a little worried about him; he’s been ill lately.  He said he has a special task for me and showed me an old belt; he called it precious.  I don’t see what could be so special about an old man’s belt.  But if it allows me to travel somewhere new, I’m all for it.


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