Mina, The Barmaid

MinaWelcome to the Nain Inn.  If you take a seat, I’ll bring you a plate of fried fish and rice and a mug of ale.  My name is Mina.  The Inn has the best view of the ocean in all of Nain; we serve mostly fisherman, but we get the occasional traveler like yourself.  I walk into town every day; I’d be happy to accompany you if you’d like to leave an offering in the town square for the Deities.

The Deities?  All of the southern coastal towns have one or two that they worship; ours are Nicham the Protector and Adaima the Provider.  You can leave food, coins, or whatever you have at the base of their statues; it depends on what you’re asking for, I guess.  Oh, you’ve heard of the Captain, have you?

A lot of people think he’s crazy, but I’ve spent hours listening to his stories about the One True God and I don’t think he’s nuts, just different.  He’s starting to scare me a little, though; all of his talk about destruction coming with the next rain.  I mean, if he’s right, then I should be leaving town instead of refilling your mug, but what would you do without me?

Excuse me, Sir, my friend Kyler just walked in.  Enjoy your meal!


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