The Expectant Bride

AbramNaomi Wittmer can’t imagine spending her life with any of the boring beaus her small Amish community offers. When rumored wild man Willis Beiler comes to Kent County, Delaware for the harvest season, she finally experiences the kind of passionate romance she’s been dreaming of. Their Plain fairy tale takes an unforeseen turn when Naomi becomes pregnant. The couple plans to marry, but first they must face rejection by their families and discipline from the church. Paved with quirky neighbors, morning sickness, and unexpected grace, Naomi’s path to the altar is nothing like she expected.

pretty_amish_girl.IMG_4701Click here for more images related to the novel on Pinterest.

Did you know that a thriving Amish community lives near Dover, Delaware?  Click here for more information about Delaware’s Plain citizens.

Naomi’s neighbor, Sadie Lapp, is always spouting historical tidbits.  Click here to discover a few interesting facts from Delaware’s history.

amishbarnCook like Naomi Wittmer!  Click here for Apple Butter and Lemon Meringue Pie recipes.  (Note: These are not authentic Amish recipes, but they are delicious!)


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