Amish in Delaware

amishplowThe Amish first came to Kent County, Delaware (the middle of the state) in 1915.  They are one of only a few Amish communities who can drive their buggies to the beach.  While most Amish are traditionally farmers, that’s changing.  Dover, the capital of Delaware, is also in Kent County and as the capital grows, the price of land increases.  Many young Amish men can’t afford to buy enough land to farm and as many as 80% of the men now work in masonry, cabinetry, and construction.

spenceSeveral local businesses give the Amish and the English (non-Amish) plenty of chances to interact.  Spence’s Bazaar is the most well known.  Spence’s is a combination auction house, flea market, and food court.  The English sell pizza, coffee, and candy, while the Amish sell homemade baked goods, pork sandwiches, deli meats, cheeses, and hot pretzels.10422457165_787637227e_o


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