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The Published:

realmscapesRealmscapes (Brimstone Fiction, 2016) is a sci-fi and fantasy anthology of short stories. My story is called Bipedal Idiots, in which an alien tries to help his two legged dinner escape. Check it out on Amazon.


havokSplickety Magazine – a flash fiction magazine of general (Splickety), romantic (Spark), and speculative (Havok) interest. My story was in Havok, January 2015.


The Un-Published:

You can find more information about my novels by clicking on their titles below.

amishplowThe Expectant Bride (Amish Romance) A young Amish woman’s dreams derail when she becomes pregnant out of wedlock.

36413_122253971152053_1567155_nHickory Run (Contemporary Romance) A chance encounter while hiking in the woods starts a young woman down the path to true love.

Rugendas, Johann Moritz  Street Scene in Lima 1844The Real Rosa (Historical Romance) A maid must put herself on the line to solve a murder and save her beloved employer from ruin.

MinaAt Any Cost (Young Adult Fantasy) A barmaid and an aspiring monk must solve a riddle to save the kingdom from invaders.