My First Book Fair

hockessin-fair-posterThis weekend I will be participating in my first book fair, the Hockessin Art and Book Fair.  I’ve been collecting tips from friends, blogs, and YouTube, and here are my favorites:

  1. Do a practice run. Set up your table at home and take a picture of the finished product. You do your fiddling, forgetting, and fretting at home at your leisure, and on the day of the fair, you simply look at your photo and recreate it. Saves time on the day of and helps ensure a nice looking table.
  2. Use props and vary their elevation. Flat paper and flat books do not a thrilling visual make. Props related to your book help draw attention to your table and stacking or propping items and books at different levels helps keep your table looking interesting.
  3. Come prepared to be paid. Test your credit card app to make sure it works, bring small bills to make change, and make yourself a small sign saying what forms of payment you accept. Have prices listed clearly and consider offering a deal or two.
  4. Take pictures of your table and yourself at the fair to use later in blog posts, newsletters, or book promotions.
  5. Have something people can take with them to remind them of you such as a business card, bookmark, etc. They might not buy your book today, but if they have something to remember you by, they just might purchase later.

If you have any tips to add, please do so in the comments!


Thank you for some great tips:

Carli Milacci Lens of Light Photography

Stefanie Newell Author and Consultant

A Box Of Potential

2014 July beach 026I received a batch of business cards in the mail this week. They’re my first business cards ever, for anything. I flipped open the box lid and 250 slips of paper potential stared back at me. On to distribution!

I heard that business cards are a good way to spread the word about myself and look professional doing it. It’ll be handy having the names and addresses of my blogs pre-typed because when they come up in conversation, there’s never a paper or pencil to be found.

They will be especially useful at church. My healthy living blog is called Sex, Soup, and Two Fisted Eating. When I mention that blog at church, people’s eyes get big and they tend to stop listening after the word sex. When the shock wears off, they’ll have my card.

Those of you with business card experience, do you have any do or don’t tips for me? Any interesting stories related to your own Box of Potential?