A Box Of Potential

2014 July beach 026I received a batch of business cards in the mail this week. They’re my first business cards ever, for anything.¬†I flipped open the box lid and 250 slips of paper potential stared back at me. On to distribution!

I heard that¬†business cards are a good way to spread the word about myself and look professional doing it. It’ll be handy having the names and addresses of my blogs pre-typed because when they come up in conversation, there’s never a paper or pencil to be found.

They will be especially useful at church. My healthy living blog is called Sex, Soup, and Two Fisted Eating. When I mention that blog at church, people’s eyes get big and they tend to stop listening after the word sex. When the shock wears off, they’ll have my card.

Those of you with business card experience, do you have any do or don’t tips for me? Any interesting stories related to your own Box of Potential?