Not Scraping By and the Wolf Dragon

frownSomething didn’t feel right after my last post of Scraping By Part Two. I was in a rush because my self-imposed deadline of posting bimonthly was upon me and I had to continue the story and I did. But something didn’t feel right about what I wrote.

A few days after I posted Part Two, I realized what was bothering me: that whole scene was unnecessary to the story. Going to the police was the next logical thing for Will to do, but it was completely unnecessary for us to accompany him. It would have been far more interesting for us to join him when he arrives at work and someone tries to kill him.

My apologies to you all if I bored you. I am presently writing the whole story out so that I can go back and revise it and cut out the boring bits and post a better product after Thanksgiving.


hennigan_the-12th-demon-1-24cIf you need some action before then, you might want to pick up Bruce Hennigan’s The 12th Demon: Mark of the Wolf Dragon. It’s a Christian thriller; I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I assure you it isn’t. It’s the second in a series, coming after The 13th Demon and before The 11th Demon. (The demons are descending in this series, in more ways than one. Yes, bad puns are free.)

The story follows Jonathan Steel who is hunted by an assassin he used to be in love with, tries to protect a teenager and his girlfriend from his old vampire clan, and must stop the 12th demon from letting loose a host of fellow demons. The pace is quick and the theological discussions are very limited and not preachy; it read like an action movie. Some parts are gory, but the language is clean.

I learned some interesting things about modern “vampire” clans; the author did his research. I’m curious to see if Hennigan will take this series all the way to a 1st demon and if so, what it will look like when he gets there. I didn’t read The 13th Demon, but I had no trouble jumping into the series.


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