Pay Me, Please. I Want to Write More.

36413_122253971152053_1567155_nI’ve decided that I want to get paid to write. Writing has always been a joy for me, but I recently started teaching classes for kids a couple of hours a week and a paycheck arrives regularly as a result. The check isn’t very big, but I look forward to its arrival.

This week I listened to a recording of a writers conference workshop on getting paid to write. The answer boiled down to… ta ta ta daaaaa! Nonfiction e-books. They cost only time to produce, can be sold for 99 cents, and sell better than fiction for no-name authors like myself.

So, I started thinking. The lesson plans for the class I teach are all original material. With a little work, they could become a Parent/Child learn together type nonfiction book.  Ta ta ta daaaaa! Money in my pocket? To fund my fiction writing habit? It’s worth a shot. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Do any of you have any experience self-publishing non-fiction on Amazon? How’d it turn out for you?